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The greatest things in this world were derived from the courageous few that were bold enough to follow their dreams; the essence of courage is bound by love.

– Barbara Lynn McBean

Barb Mcbean

Everyday is a new oportunity to change your life.

About Barb Mcbean

March, 24th 2020. Here I am in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In the middle of several business launches. Building a 33,000 square foot medical training institute, launching my skincare line, creating online classes for our sister companies that would span across the globe.


Health and Wellness

Health is so closely connected to everything that is good in this world. It is an absolute essential that any human needs to be able to find success and happiness and to be massively useful to the world at large. This is why I want to share my lifestyle with you and also my journey of wellness.


Inspirational Short Stories

I love to write, I like to speak. There has always been something about my brain that can create great insight through the written word. It is how I problem solve. So I will share with you my inspirations.


Inspire by Barbara Mcbean

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I’ve known Barb since 2009, she’s helped me with my business, how to grow it, how to stay positive and how to manage my time properly.

– Nikita Jones

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Barb’s attention to detail is no other, her team helped my business grow in 4 months. There’s so much to learn from this lady, thank you.

– Ken Leheigh

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Barb and her team is phenomenal. We were spending thousands with few responses on Social Media before Barb took over, now we are overwhelmed. Love the authenticity.

– Clarissa Tomei

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